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Google chromecast is best described as a digital media streaming adapter. This product was developed by Google to help its consumers in viewing several videos from Google chrome browsers in a television. This digital media streaming adapter uses personal computers, tablets, smartphones and other portable devices that can use Wi-Fi connections to transfer different kinds of media contents to other devices. When using this product, the user will be able to choose a media from Google chrome through a personal computer or mobile device and play it in televisions. Mobile devices can be used to play videos and audio content through its mobile apps that support Google chrome. In this Google chromecast review, all of its features will be discussed one by one.

Many Google chromecast review samples are created to introduce the device in the whole world. But this review is different because its main topic will focus only on the description and features of Google chromecast as a digital media streaming adapter. The size of this device is only 2.83 inches, which makes it very small and easy to carry. In order to use the Google chromecast in televisions, the device must be connected first to the HDMI port of the TV. To provide the device with sufficient power to function, the separated micro USB port of the device must be attached to an external power supply. When all of these steps are done, the user can already start to scan several media contents to play.

These are the main features of the product that are meant to be discussed in this Google chromecast review. Google designed this product with two kinds of schemes for displaying media contents. The first scheme refers to the use of web apps and mobile apps. Google chromecast that is enabled by mobile apps and web apps gives the user a full control of the volume, program selection and playback while using it in a television for video/audio content viewings. The Google chromecast functions when the media contents start to stream directly in it. This feature allows the device to perform other tasks while playing a video. The playback will never be interrupted even if the device was used to accept a call. This scheme was made possible by Google through the use of the mobile apps from mobile devices and the web apps for personal computers.


The second scheme which will be explained in this Google chromecast review refers to the integration of the so-called tab casting. This one of a kind feature of Google chromecast allows you to view all the contents of a chrome browser while it is functioning. However, its quality of image will be affected by the system requirements of the product for streaming and processing capacity of the personal computer that was used for media streaming. Many examples of Google chromecast review were not able to clarify the descriptions of these two main features of Google chromecast.

Other extra features of the chromecast include “plug in and play” and “remote free” features that make it more convenient to use. In this Google chromecast review, the plug in and play feature of the product refers to the three easy steps on how to use the media streaming adapter. The chromecast must be connected first to an HDTV through its USB port. When already attached to the television, the product needs to be connected to a Wi-Fi connection. When the media streaming adapter is ready with the internet connection, the user can already select videos and audio files from their smartphones, tablets and other portable devices that are powered by mobile apps and web apps.

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The “remote free” feature stated in this Google chromecast review refers to the ability of the product to function and control its features without using any remote control. The user doesn’t need anything aside from the television and mobile device/personal computer for media streaming. Having this kind of portable device at home will help the user enjoy larger screens and powerful sound from large speakers instead of relying on the small screens and speakers of mobile phones and tablets. The chromecast will automatically share the media streaming of TV shows, photos, movies, music and other contents coming from the mobile apps like Netflix and YouTube to the television.

Google chromecast review like this one should also consider the operating systems that are supported by this kind of media streaming adapter. Google created this device to support portable devices and computers that use high-powered operating systems. For mobile phones or smartphones, the minimum system requirements are iOS 6 and Android 2.3. It is much better if the mobile phone that was used for media streaming has a more powerful operating system than these two, while for the personal computers, the minimum requirements of Chromecast for the operating systems are windows 7, chrome OS, Mac OS 10.7 or higher than these three.